Great memories, beautiful portraits.

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Helen has 20 years of exceptional professional experience ( I know what you're thinking, she looks much younger ). Her love of photography began here in London during her enrollment in the Art Program at H.B. Beal. The passion continued throughout college where she received her diploma in "Applied photography" (no not basket weaving).

With devotion, hard work and a lot of support from the love of her life (yes that's you Craig) she consistently creates original, eye catching imagery, and albums that her clients just love to show all their family and friends.

helen and sled

Great portraits take time and a special attention to detail. Helen will earn your trust and fulfill this promise of excellence to provide you with a style that is unique to your photographic needs. Your images will be provided in a timely efficient manner but most importantly Helen T Photography not only believes but strives to make your special occasion an enjoyable and memorable one.